How to get sand out of your Swimsuit

A trip to the beach and playing in the sand is great for the soul, but what about the sand that gets into our clothes and swimmers and sometimes seems to be stuck there?

Here is a great tip to ditch that stubborn sand keep your swimsuit and rashie clean wash after wash! 

1. Let your swimsuit or rashie DRY COMPLETELY first. Sand sticks to anything wet so don't waste your energy trying to shake sand off a wet swimsuit or rashie.

2. Once it's dry, give it a vigorous shake. Do this outdoors if you can so you don't have to sweep up too much sand from the floor.

3. Wet the swimsuit or rashie with cold water. This will begin to loosen any stubborn sand still in your rashie or swimsuit.

4. Add a very small amount, around a thimble amount, of fabric softener to the water that your rashie or swimsuit is in and let it sit for just a couple of minutes. The fabric softener will help make the fabric slippery and will help lift the sand out of the fibres.

5. Rinse your swimsuit under running cold water, you may see some grains of sand coming out of the rashie right before your eyes!

6. Gently squeeze the excess water out of the swimsuit and hang it out to dry in the shade. 

And that's it! Hope this little tip makes your life a little easier. 

Want to see this technique in action? Go to our Instagram page and check out our Reels video on How to get sand out of your Rashie.



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